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All About Ms. Graesing

My name is Ms. Allison Graesing. I grew up in Menomonee Falls, WI. My mom, dad, and younger brother still live there. They have two cats (Nala and Willow) and one dog (Jax) that I absolutely adore and wish I could have. I currently live in Burlington, IA. I have been teaching for a couple years. I graduated from Clarke University in Dubuque, IA. The main things I love are kids, coffee, and Disney. I am really looking forward to collaborating with you this year!
School Information: 
Contact Information-The best way to get a hold of me is through email ([email protected]) or you can call the main office and they can transfer your call to my classroom. Please make sure to notify Tena in the office if there is a change in transportation for your child. I will also be sending out a monthly newsletter letting you know what we are doing in the classroom and any announcements I might have.

Snack Policy-I will not be having a designated snack time. You may send Birthday treats with your child, but they need to be peanut/nut free and prepackaged.


Homework Policy-I do not assign any homework unless your child did not get it done in class that day. All I ask is that your child reads at least 15-20 minutes per night and practice addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts for 5-10 minutes a night.


Please feel free to reach out! I am here to best help you and your child succeed this school year!