Belinda Gomez Bio

Hello! My name is Belinda Gomez. I graduated from Kansas State University with a Degree in Early Childhood , a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education, and an Endorsement in English As A Second Language. After graduation, I taught Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten in Kansas for 13 years. Later my husband, two daughters and I moved to Iowa, where I am currently the Salem Elementary Kindergarten teacher.
My philosophy as the Salem Kindergarten teacher is to first and foremost respect and appreciate each child as a unique individual with various learning styles and personalities. I feel that my responsibility as the teacher is to support the child’s own development through active involvement in the learning process, through various learning activities. My core beliefs about teaching have been created around my experience working with young children. I believe that a child’s family is their first teacher. I believe that it is my job to create a link between home and school. Lastly, I believe that the more we work together, the better the learning experience is for each child.